Posted 1 May 2014
Ryan Adams — When Pigs Fly

Ryan Adams — When Pigs Fly

продолжительность: 2:51
Posted on 1 May 2014
This is a funny children's song written by popular American country music singer Ryan Adams, telling us about how important it is for us to dream and to believe in our dreams.
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Recommended words
air - 空気
distant - 遠隔
a dozen - ダース
a dreamer - ドリーマー
endless - 常
faraway - 遥か
a flash - フラッシュ
imagination - 想像
joyful - ジョイフル
nowhere - どこにも
to reply - 答える
to sail - 航海する
searching - 探訪
steady - 着実
suddenly - 突然
surely - きっと

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