Posted 5 April 2019
Sade – Smooth Operator

Sade – Smooth Operator

продолжительность: 5:21
Posted on 5 April 2019
"Smooth Operator" is a song by English band Sade from their debut studio album Diamond Life (1984).
"Smooth Operator" is about a fashionable, devious man who lives a jet-set lifestyle. He is popular with women and breaks many hearts. The video to this song reinforces the message and the operator appears to be a professional criminal. In one scene, he displays a gun to an interested customer and in others, he appears to be a pimp.
Pop music, Jazz
Recommended words
to ache - 疼く
a box - ボックス
a chase - 追跡
desire - 欲望
to double-cross - 裏切る
face to face - 差し向かい
to hold - ホールド
insurance - 保険
joy - 喜び
to laugh - 笑う
a license - ライセンス
to melt - 溶かす
to require - 要する
sensitive - 敏感
a sentiment - 感情
space - 空間
a stake - 杭
a streetcar - ストリートカー
waste - 浪費

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