Wearing slippers at school: new way to to improve grades

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Posted 19 February 2017
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 24 sec.
In one of the schools in the UK students are allowed to take classes in slippers. Studies show that it improves the atmosphere and the development of concentration. The results are so good that perhaps in the near future slippers will become part of the school uniform.
Recommended words
activity - アクティビティ
to allow - 許す
apparently - 思しい
to base - ベース
be likely to - 可能性が高い
to behave - 振舞う
benefit - ベネフィット
a bid - 入札
bullying - リンチ
calm - 穏やか
change - 変わる
to choose - 選び出す
come in - 入る
compulsory - コンパルソリー
to cover - 覆う
environment - 環境
a fixture - 造り付け
a grade - グレード
to improve - 上がる
lunchtime - 昼時
make an impact - 影響を与える
to notice - 気付く
an option - オプション
permanent - パーマネント
quietly - じっと
to reduce - 減らす
sensibly - 賢明に
a slipper - スリッパ
to spot - 目指する
straight - すっと
a switch - スイッチ