William Shakespeare’s Idioms
(part 1)

Posted 22 July 2016
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Duration of the video: 2 Min. 8 sec.
As you know, William Shakespeare enriched the English language, adding to it not only new words but also many new expressions. In this series of videos, you will get to know some of the idioms that appeared in the language thanks to Shakespeare.
Recommended words
to agree - 同調
angry - 怒った
be cruel to be kind - 親切にすることは残酷である
character - 文字
cruel - 酷い
go on - 続ける
have dinner - 夕食を取る
I wonder - 私は疑問に思う
majesty - 尊厳
make up for - 埋め合せる
marriage - 結婚
marry each other - 互いに結婚する
no wonder - 不思議ではない
a palace - 宮殿
a prince - 王子
to realise - 気付く
to remain - 残る
to shock - きょっとさせる
sin - 罪
so that - よう
to suspect - 疑う
take away - 持ち去る
terrible - 恐ろしい
an uncle - 叔父
windy - 風の吹く
wrong - 悪い