Posted 30 January 2011
How to survive a shark attack

How to survive a shark attack

продолжительность: 2:11
Posted on 30 January 2011
Which of the defence options is best for you when being attacked by a shark: splash and yell like a crazy, remain still and pretend to be dead, or attack the shark and punch it? Watch this video to find out.
Recommended words
an animal - 動物
an attack - 攻撃
to attract - 引き付ける
chance - チャンス
curiosity - 不思議
to decide - 決める
difference - 差
fast - 早く
gladly - 喜んで
go for the eyes - 目のために行く
to lead - 導く
literally - 文字通り
to respond - 応える
to sample - サンプル
a shark - 鮫
simple - 簡単
to splash - はねる
a spot - スポット
to strike - 打つ
to survive - 生き残る
tuck in - 包む
unusual - 珍しい
violently - 激しく
worldwide - 世界的に

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