Some and Any – 3 rules you need to know
(part 2)

collections: Simple English
Posted 11 October 2018
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Duration of the video: 5 Min. 19 sec.
Some and Any - do you know how to use these words with countable and uncountable nouns? In this video you'll learn three important grammar rules that will help you get them right. You'll also learn how we make lentil soup!
Recommended words
amount - 量
elementary - 初等の
exact - 精密
hungry - ハングリー
it is time - それは時間です
limited - 有限
to matter - 重要である
negative - 陰性
an offer - 提供
one by one - 次々
positive - ポジティブ
a request - 要求
similar - 同じ
special - 特別
starting point - 起点
stock - ストック
useful - 有用
vague - 曖昧
will do - しましょう