‘Slow’ song

collections: Kid songs
Posted 26 May 2016
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 29 sec.
Some things are better to be done slowly! The wonders of slowcoaching is exactly what this song is about.
Recommended words
below - 以下
to grow - 育つ
a leaf - 葉
oak tree - 柏木
quite - すっかり
to slither - つるつる滑る
a sloth - 怠け者
slow - 遅い
slowly - ゆっくり
a snail - 蝸牛
some things - いくつかのもの
sometimes - 時々
take things easy - 物事を簡単にする
to travel - 旅行する
a turtle - 亀
way to go - 行く道