Posted 3 June 2016
Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond

продолжительность: 2:30
Posted on 3 June 2016
The events described in this film will take place 2 years after the start of the five-year mission. The crew of Enterprise, led by Captain James T. Kirk, is attacked by a strong and dangerous group of unknown aliens who destroy the ship, leaving the crew empty-handed on a new unknown planet.
Recommended words
to abandon - 見捨てる
to believe - 信じる
to board - 乗る
a captain - キャプテン
count on - 頼む
a crew - クルー
fear - 恐れ
head back - 引き返す
hold on to - 手放さない
humanity - 人類
illogical - 筋違い
to join - 加わる
keep alive - 生き続ける
to kill - キル
leave behind - 遺却する
live up to - 生きる
mercy - 慈悲
on a dare - あえて
pardon me - 私を許してください
a ship - 船
space - 空間
to spend - 過ごす
strength - 強
the last thing - 最後のこと
uncommon - 稀
to underestimate - 過小評価する
unity - 統一
vastness - 巨大さ
weakness - 弱点
to wonder - 怪しむ