Posted 17 March 2017
Storm Stella

Storm Stella

продолжительность: 1:42
Posted on 17 March 2017
Snowfall Stella affected the eastern part of the United States, paralyzing car, rail and air traffic in several states. In a number of areas, the work of administrative and educational institutions has also been suspended.
Recommended words
to accumulate - 溜める
batten down the hatches - ハッチを打つ
a blizzard - ブリザード
to cause - 引き起こす
a chancellor - 宰相
a crash - クラッシュ
degree - 度
to delay - 遅らす
to deploy - 配備する
due - 正当
to expect - 待つ
a forecast - 予報
go into action - 行動に移る
in recent memory - 最近の記憶で
to involve - 巻き込む
to issue - 出す
multiple - 複数
an officer - 役員
to prepare - 備える
take lightly - 甘く見る
therefore - 従って
a warning - 警告
weather service - 天気予報サービス

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