Posted 29 March 2019
The surprising link between stress and memory

The surprising link between stress and memory

продолжительность: 4:23
Posted on 29 March 2019
You spend weeks studying for an important test. On the big day, you wait nervously as your teacher hands it out. You’re working your way through, when you’re asked to define "ataraxia." You know you’ve seen the word before, but your mind goes blank. What just happened? Elizabeth Cox details the complex relationship between stress and memory.
Recommended words
ability - 能力
acquisition - 取得
anxiety - 不安
come in handy - 便利です
complex - ややこしい
condition - 状態
connection - 接続
to counteract - 中和
critical - クリティカル
to damage - 損なう
drop off - 落ちる
to emphasize - 強める
to encounter - 出会う
environment - 環境
even though - たとえ
gradually - 徐々に
hand out - 分け与える
impact - 影響
inhibition - 阻害
likely - ありそうな
moderate - 手頃
performance - 業績
to prompt - 促す
reasoning - 推理
relationship - 仲
to release - 放つ
response - 応答
sensitive - 敏感
sensory - 感覚
short-term - 短期
similar - 同じ
a step - 歩
to strengthen - 強める
threat - 脅威
unfortunate - 悲愴
vicious cycle - 悪循環

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