Posted 9 February 2019
Does time exist?

Does time exist?

продолжительность: 4:48
Posted on 9 February 2019
The earliest time measurements were observations of cycles of the natural world, using patterns of changes from day to night and season to season to build calendars. More precise time-keeping eventually came along to put time in more convenient boxes. But what exactly are we measuring? Andrew Zimmerman Jones contemplates whether time is something that physically exists or is just in our heads.
Recommended words
to appear - 見える
at all - どうせ
backwards - 後ろから
behavior - 動作
to combine - 組み合わせる
come along - やって来る
to confirm - 確かめる
consistent - 同質
current - 現在
to define - 明確する
an equation - 方程式
eventually - 結局
general - 総
to include - 含める
individual - 個々
malleability - 延性
measurement - 測定
no matter what - 如何しても
observation - 観察
to orbit - 軌道
predictable - 予測できる
property - 財産
a rate - レート
to resolve - 思い立つ
series - シリーズ
space - 空間
speculative - 推測する
spread out - 敷く
stubbornly - 飽く迄
turn out - 消す
to unfold - 広げる

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