Posted 11 December 2017
(part two)

(part two)

продолжительность: 2:4
Posted on 11 December 2017
Have you ever been waiting in line at the grocery store, innocently perusing the magazine rack, when a song pops into your head? Not the whole song, but a fragment of it that plays and replays until you find yourself unloading the vegetables in time to the beat? If you are familiar with that, this video is exactly for you.

Part one
Ted-Ed, Human body
Recommended words
besides - さらに
constantly - 絶えず
entire - 全面の
exactly - 丁度
get stuck - 動けなくなる
in isolation - 孤立して
intrusive - 差し出がましい
on automatic - 自動で
particular - 特定の
perhaps - 多分
a phenomenon - 現象
psychological - サイコロジカル
to reach - 達する
recording - 録音
a reference - 参照
to remain - 残る
to represent - 象る
scientific - 科学的
sort of like - 好きなもの
a source - ソース
starting point - 起点
to suggest - 促す
unlikely - ありそうにない
wander around - 回る

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