One day of a Roman legionnaire

collections: Ted-Ed, History
Posted 6 June 2018
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 33 sec.
Although emperors can take much credit for the power of the Roman Empire, its prosperity would not be possible without its loyal soldiers. Watch this video to find out what was an ordinary day of a Roman legionnaire like in 15 A.D.
Recommended words
along - 伝いに
ambush - 待ち伏せ
to consider - 考える
to crave - 拝み倒す
credit - クレジット
despite - にもかかわらず
to enlist - 得る
to fall - 落ちる
to gamble - 賭ける
glory - 栄光
grueling - 厳しい
headway - アドバンス
to intend - 志す
keep alert - 警戒を続ける
live something down - 何かを生きる
a mutiny - 反乱
a nightmare - 悪夢
a prospect - 見通し
to prosper - 栄える
push on - 突き進む
to recall - 思い出す
retirement - 退職
service - サービス
sinister - 不吉
tension - 張力
unlucky - 不運
a weapon - 武器
wife-to-be - 妻になる