How Does the Rorschach Inkblot Test Work

Posted 9 June 2019
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 39 sec.
If you have ever visited a psychologist, you have probably had an experience with trying to interpret some vague abstract inkblots on a light background or at least seen movie characters do that. Invented in the early twentieth century, the Rorschach test stays popular around the world and has even gone beyond clinical use, becoming part of the popular culture. But what do we know about its inventor? And how valid is the data obtained through this test?
Recommended words
to administer - 司る
alongside - のそばに
approach - アプローチ
be about - 程度で
delightful - 楽しい
detail-oriented - 詳細指向
enigmatic - 謎めいた
an inkblot - インクブロット
nuanced - 微妙
overall - 全
to overwhelm - 圧倒する
a pattern - パターン
perception - 知覚
to plummet - 垂準
prejudiced - 偏見の
puzzling - ややこしい
to quantify - 量をはかる
to quiz - クイズ
reductive - 還元的な
remarkably - 著しく
sense - 検出
speculative - 推測する
stand-alone - 独立型
to transform - 変じる
to unlock - アンロック
valid - 妥当
varied - 諸
wildly - 激しく
to yield - 生じる