Posted 12 August 2018
Are there universal expressions of emotion?

Are there universal expressions of emotion?

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опубликовано 12 August 2018
Nature granted us forty-three facial muscles for us to be able to express the full range of emotions. These emotions may stay alive for just a split second, or for several minutes, with negative emotions lasting longer than positive ones. Emotions tell the people around us about what we feel and what mood we are in; they can even help us in difficult moments. Normally, we don't have to try 'deciphering' emotions of those whom we talk to, as we easily guess the mood of our friends, relatives and literally everyone around us. But will we be able to figure out what a person of another race, language and culture feels? Or do the emotions speak different languages, just like people do?
Ted-Ed, Science
Recommended words
appropriate - 相応しい
a boundary - 境界
to claim - 主張する
common - コモン
to communicate - 伝える
core - コア
disgust - 嫌悪
distinct - 鮮明
draw together - 一緒に描く
emotional expression - 感情表現
evidence - 証拠
familiar - ファミリア
given - 所与
go a long way - 遠くに行く
immediate danger - 即時の危険
in the same way as - と同じように
learned behavior - 学んだ行動
modern - モダン
on alert - アラートで
or so - とか、ぐらい
particularly - 特に
to propose - 申し込む
regardless of - 拘らず
to reveal - 明らかにする
to root - 来たる
a scientist - サイエンティスト
set about - 乗り掛かる
sighted - 見つける
a stranger - ストレンジャー
tight - タイト
white of the eye - 白目
workings - 働き