Revelation at the dinner
(The Tourist)

collections: The Tourist
Posted 13 April 2015
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Duration of the video: 8 Min. 8 sec.
Elise and Frank together checked into the hotel, then went to dinner, during which Elise told a little about herself.
Recommended words
to appear - 見える
to check - 食い止める
choice - 選択
come on - 来る
down to earth - 分別のある
drive nuts - ドライブナット
to embrace - 含む
excellent - 素晴らしい
to feel - 感じる
future - 将来
an invitation - 招待
to meet - 会う
a nut - ナット
past - 過去
please - 何卒
ravenous - 飽くなき
ravishing - ビューティフル
to teach - 教える
thank you - ありがとうございました
used to - 慣れた