Train — Shake Up Christmas

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Posted 29 December 2017
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Duration of the video: 4 Min.
Shake Up Christmas is a song by the American band Train. The single was released on 1 December 2010, and was included in the band's Christmas album in 2015. Some fragments from the music video were included in Coca-Cola commercials in December 2010.
Recommended words
at the same time - 旁々
every once in a while - 毎回
to fill - 埋める
to freeze - 凍る
full - いっぱい
great big - とても大きい
happiness - 幸福
in style - スタイルで
a list - リスト
make a wish - 願い事をする
to meet - 会う
once upon a time - 昔々
one day - 一日
to reassemble - 再構築する
reindeer - トナカイ
run free - フリー走行
send one's best - 最善を尽くす
someday - 何時か
to spread - 広がる
wake up - 目覚める