Posted 27 August 2018
Treasure Riddle

Treasure Riddle

продолжительность: 3:48
Posted on 27 August 2018
After a massive storm you happen to come across and save some pitiful drowning pirates. They are ready to share the secret of the treasure island with you. But it is not as simple as it seems! To get to the treasure you need to solve a logical riddle. Will you manage to do that or will the Greenbeard's chest be lost forever on the unknown island? Test yourself by completing this entertaining task.
Ted-Ed, Riddles
Recommended words
anywhere else - どこか他の
barren - 不毛
to bury - 埋め込む
dehydration - 脱水
delirious - 狂った
dig up - 掘り返す
go on - 続ける
hot air balloon - 熱気球
an intersection - 交差点
to investigate - 調べる
it turns out - それが判明
line up - 並べる
maroon - くり色
mutiny - 反乱
to narrow - 狭める
prominent - 主要
seem off - 見えない
a survivor - 生残者
treasure - 宝
vantage point - 有利な点
virtually - 実際に
wash out - 洗い落とす

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