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collections: English with Hugh
Posted 4 March 2016
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Duration of the video: 3 Min. 49 sec.
Meet Hugh! The first native conducting video lessons on Puzzle English. This video will focus on accents and their role in language learning. Hugh will also talk about several typical mistakes that he noticed his Russian students made.
Recommended words
an accent - アクセント
to answer - 答える
be based on - 〜に基づいて
boring - ボーリング
confidence - 信頼
to continue - 続ける
to develop - 展開する
focus - フォーカス
to force - 強いる
to happen - 起こる
an individual - 個人
to introduce - 取り込む
mate - メイト
to meet - 会う
a mistake - 間違い
a preposition - 前置詞
a psychologist - 心理学者
skill - スキル
tell the difference - 違いを教えて
thankfully - ありがたいことに
to throw - 投げる
type - タイプ
to understand - 知る
variety - 種々
wait a minute - ちょっと待って