Posted 30 September 2017
What if the world went vegetarian?

What if the world went vegetarian?

продолжительность: 3:31
Posted on 30 September 2017
It is higly likely that you or some of the people you know don't eat meat. But have you ever thought of what would happen had all the people in the world suddenly become vegetarians? How would this affect us and our planet?
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Recommended words
to absorb - 吸い取る
after all - 結局
as a result - 結果として
a byproduct - 副産物
chances are - 可能性は
to counteract - 中和
a crop - 収穫
currently - 実際に
a detergent - 洗剤
a downside - 欠点
emission - 排出
farmland - 畑地
gradual - ゆるやかな
greenhouse gas - 温室効果ガス
in fact - その実
increase - 増加
a nutrient - 栄養素
obsolete - 廃れた
pasture - 牧草
possible - 可能
to provide - 供給する
put together - 寄せ集める
to reduce - 減らす
turn to - 回って

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