Posted 17 March 2013
Invention of the battery
(part one)

Invention of the battery
(part one)

продолжительность: 3:6
Posted on 17 March 2013
This is a funny video about the invention of a battery and about how it works, made by students of the University of Massachusetts. The central characters are Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani, the famous Italian physicists.
Recommended words
to behold - 見よ
copper - 銅
a current - カレント
discovery - 発見
to dissect - 解剖する
equipment - 装置
to evoke - 誘起する
to expect - 待つ
a flashlight - 懐中電灯
invention - 発明
magnificent - 壮大
to misunderstand - 誤解する
to power - 電源
to receive - 受け取る
to reside - 住む
a source - ソース
tissue - ティッシュ
a tool - ツール
a triumph - 勝利
zinc - 亜鉛