WestJet Christmas miracle

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Posted 4 January 2018
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Duration of the video: 4 Min. 56 sec.
Several years ago, the Canadian airline WestJet helped Santa Claus and brought some happiness to their clients. 175 volunteers, 3 airports, Santa himself and more than 250 happy people: this video is definitely going to give you a good portion of kindness and holiday mood!.
Recommended words
to arrive - 着く
fabulous - すばらしい
flight - フライト
good old - 古き良き
to happen - 起こる
a lounge - 休憩室
a miracle - 奇跡
moment of truth - 真実の瞬間
no way - とんでもない
not a moment to spare - 余裕がない
to relax - 寛ぐ
rush - ラッシュ
sit back - 後ろに座る
special - 特別
to stare - 見詰める
surprise - 驚き
take a note - メモを取る
travel - 旅行する
a trick - 細工
vision - ビジョン