Posted 26 January 2017
The White Elephant: Angry

The White Elephant: Angry

продолжительность: 1:47
Posted on 26 January 2017
Continuation of the series about the unlucky restaurant. Today Gordon is incredibly angry - he does not like everything. He decides that he is done, and just leaves - how will our heroes cope with the situation?
White elephant
Recommended words
angry - 怒った
anyway - どっちみち
blow a fuse - ヒューズを吹く
to book - 申し込む
condition - 状態
creative - クリエーティブ
difference - 差
do the cooking - 料理をする
drive someone up the wall - 誰かを壁に追い込む
fed up to the back teeth - 後歯に食べさせた
food critic - 料理評論家
frozen - 凍結
get the sack - クビになる
have a go - やってみます
have had enough - 十分に持っていた
have had it up to here - ここまで来た
let someone know - 誰かに知らせる
like a bear with a sore head - 頭が痛いクマのように
lose it - 失くす
to prepare - 備える
special - 特別
stand-by - スタンバイ
a supermarket - スーパーマーケット