Posted 25 July 2017
The White Elephant: Failure

The White Elephant: Failure

продолжительность: 1:47
Posted on 25 July 2017
Continuation of the series about the unlucky restaurant. Today Americans came to the restaurant - it's great that Gordon used to work in New York, he immediately understands what visitors with an exquisite taste want. But will he be able to please the fastidious customers?
White elephant
Recommended words
be happy to do - 喜んで行う
be out of - 出切る
a cupboard - 戸棚
to decide - 決める
excellent - 素晴らしい
fall at the first hurdle - 最初のハードルに落ちる
fast food joint - ファーストフードジョイント
flip burgers - フリップバーガー
get the better of - 制する
hate - 憎む
key lime pie - キーライムパイ
knock up - ノックアップ
not have a clue - 手がかりがない
pudding - プリン
a recipe - 作り方
sense of humour failure - ユーモア失敗感