The White Elephant: Love

collections: White elephant
Posted 30 June 2017
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Duration of the video: 1 Min. 40 sec.
Continuation of the series about the unlucky restaurant. Today our heroes find a box of chocolate for Mary in the kitchen. Surely, this is a gift from Peter - he likes to make pleasant surprises to his friends. Or does Mary have a secret admirer?
Recommended words
cooking - 調理
get carried away - 逃げる
have the hots for - 〜のための熱い
labour of love - 仕事好き
love to bits - ビットへの愛
love-hate relationship - 愛憎関係
milk chocolate - ミルクチョコバーを二個下さい。
mystery - ミステリー
no love lost - 愛は失われていない
not for love nor money - 愛も金もない
present - 現在
secret admirer - 隠れファン
shh - シャー
sweet - 甘い
type - タイプ
would like - したい