Posted 13 March 2017
The White Elephant: Resilience

The White Elephant: Resilience

продолжительность: 1:51
Posted on 13 March 2017
Continuation of the series about the unlucky restaurant. Today, Celia decides that something needs to be changed in the restaurant, otherwise they won't avoid bankruptcy. Mary is sure that everything is in Celia's power but Gordon, as usual, believes that he knows everything better.
White elephant
Recommended words
according to - よれば
to afford - 与える
all the way - ずっと
as hard as nails - 爪と同じくらい難しい
as tough as old boots - 古いブーツほど厳しい
calculation - 計算
to cope - 対処
a customer - 顧客
enough is enough - 十分です
game old bird - ゲームの古い鳥
give up on - 尽かす
go on - 続ける
impossible - 不可能
it is time - それは時間です
long hours - 長い時間
make changes - 変更を加える
no doubt - 嘸
relentless - 冷酷
to staff - スタッフ
stay in business - ビジネスに滞在
to strike - 打つ
think of - 考え付く
tough cookie - タフなクッキー
tough love - タフな愛