Posted 22 January 2016
The last male northern white rhino

The last male northern white rhino

продолжительность: 1:44
Posted on 22 January 2016
This is a story about the last male species of northern white rhinoceros named Sudan, on whom the existence of this whole species depended.
Recommended words
abrupt - 不意
to advance - アドバンス
at least - 少なくとも
a belief - 信念
bring back to life - 人生に戻す
cancer - 癌
a conservancy - 保護
a creature - 生物
to cure - 治す
currently - 実際に
to declare - 宣言する
demand - 需要
to develop - 展開する
estimated - 予想の
a horn - 角
last man standing - 最後の男立って
a lineage - 系統
to mate - つがう
to protect - 守る
a rhino - 犀
a sanctuary - 聖堂
send prices soaring - 価格が急騰する
a specie - 正金
trained - 技術が確かな
unfounded - 理由のない

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