Why do we cry?

collections: Ted-Ed, Human body
Posted 1 November 2016
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Duration of the video: 3 Min. 43 sec.
Different reasons can make us cry: it may happen when we are watching a sad film, when chopping onions, or we even can cry involuntarily, as our eyes excrete tears constantly. Alex Gendler shows us a very sensitive girl named Iris whose day is full of tears.
Recommended words
along with - 共に
calm down - 静まる
constantly - 絶えず
to contain - 含む
cover - 覆う
to evaporate - 蒸着する
to fasten - 留める
get to - 達する
go through - 通る
gorgeous - 豪華
hydrated - 含水
immediately - 直ちに
invasive - 侵襲的
keep away - 遠ざける
look closely - 子細に見る
mood - 気分
outer - アウター
a particle - 粒子
to produce - プロデュース
to repel - 退ける
sensitive - 敏感
to smite - 打撃
smooth - スムース
submission - 提出
a surface - 表面
sympathy - 同情
tear up - 引き裂く
to weep - 嘆く
you see - 分かりますか